Chance for Joining World-renowned Yoga School In India At Rishikesh Opens!


Yoga as the practical science for living with happiness and health is getting worldwide popularity. People in all nations evince interest in the Living Art of Yoga, which is admittedly contributed to the world by Indian Gurus. Arising out of the fact that more and more people are coming forward to learn, practice and get relieved of their physical as well as mental problems of stress, fatigue and tension, there is great demand for professional Yoga Teachers all over the world. In order to meet the increasing demand for well-trained Yoga Teachers, learning various nuances and intricacies of Yogic Life right from Yogic Gurus of India, here is an opportunity opening up by the announcement of Yoga School In India at Rishikesh. New classes starting from 7th of every month in 2015 – 2016, the announcement indicates.

Yoga School in India ( ) made this important announcement, which opens up the opportunity for Yoga lovers to learn all the types of Yogic features, namely Hatha Yoga; Asthanga Yoga; Kriya Yoga; Kundalini Yoga; and Vinyasa Yoga, right from the experts in each style of Yoga mentioned above.

200 hour yoga ttc rishikesh

Detaining the merits of this Yoga Teacher Training  200 Hours Course, the announcement explains this one course is internationally recognized and accredited by Yoga Masters, since the Certificate in 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course awarded to the successful candidates is approved by Yoga Alliance, U.S.A. – the world-authority institution for Yoga, popular all over the world.

With this accredited certificate, the trainees of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training imparted by Yoga School In India will not only enjoy the blissful experience of Yoga, as the Living Art during the extensive and comprehensive training period, but also become Yoga Masters to start their own Yoga Classes at home, and train consistent batches of students and Yoga Lovers from either sex.

The announcement confirms that the syllabus for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training of Yoga School In India is designed exactly as per the guidance of Alliance, U.S.A. to enable the candidates coming from any country in Asia, Europe, America and Australia, to get first-hand knowledge on Yogic techniques by practical training, and learn the systematic approach for imparting training to other students under their care for learning Yoga.

The important areas of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training inducted into the course by Yoga School In India are – preplanned daily hours of Yogic Training on Yoga techniques including Meditation; the candidates will learn by hands-on experience of practicing assorted Hatha Yoga poses called Asanas and breathing exercises etc.; next step is Teaching Methodology to explain and impart the knowledge of Yogic exercises learnt here to their students and becoming a Yoga Teacher; knowing the human body in a disciplined way through the biomechanics of the body; next stage is understanding  the Yoga philosophy through classical texts; and finally translating the knowledge and wisdom gained over Yoga Science, through the refined skills of teaching profession.

asthanga yoga rishikesh

The announcement from Yoga School In India emphasizes the importance of learning Yoga Science at Rishikesh, a serene and fertile atmosphere under the foothills of the Great Himalayan Mountains, and the banks of River Ganga flowing from the snows of the Mountain. The 200 Hours training period will include many extra-curricular activities of entertainments like trekking, rafting, excursions, Ayurvedic Body Massage along with Sathvik Vegetarian food and pure water.

More elaborate details can be had by interested candidates about the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training by visiting

About Yoga School in India: Located at Rishikesh, Yoga School in India offers 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses. The objective of the Yoga Teacher Training is to focus on an innovative fusion of Traditional Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Karma Yoga with an extensive base for understanding and instructing Yoga under its various forms.Interested aspirants are welcome to contact to ascertain full details of the Yoga Teacher Training Program Schedules and other information.
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Ramjhula Jonk Village,

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