Yoga School In India Provides Clarifications For The Benefit of Yoga Lovers!

Yoga is an Art of Living which undoubtedly originated from India. The modern world has recognized Yoga as a proven-strategy to live a peaceful life, with complete healthcare, particularly in today’s hectic lifestyles. Many Yoga Lovers are eager to understand the basics for Yoga and want an answer to their doubt about Yoga, as perceived in the East and West. The world-renowned Yoga Teaching Institution, Yoga School In India ( ) throws more light on this subject, for the benefit of everyone interested in Yoga as a science.


In order to understand the popularity of Yoga in the West, particularly in the U.S. the following quotation from the holistic health practitioner and Indian-American Yogic Guru Deepak Chopra will be apt. He says “Nearly 20 million people in the United States gather together routinely, fold their hands and utter the Hindu greeting of Namaste — the Divine in me bows to the same Divine in you” at the end of their yoga practice. These words linked to the popularity of yoga in America and it’s disconnect with its Hindu origins”.

Originally, the awareness of Yoga and Indian Spirituality started, when the India-born Monk Narendranath Datta (later on widely became popular as Swami Vivekananda) landed in Chicago in 1893 and started his lectures. Eminent personalities like the Russian Novelist Leo Tolstoy, Harvard Philosopher William James, Aldous Huxely, Stravinsky, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Somerset Maugham, Greta Garbo and Henry Miller and the like became the ardent fans of Swami Vivekananda.

In the 1960s many Indian Yogic Gurus popularized Yoga in the Western Countries. Gradually there has been a shift in the perception of Yoga in these countries. Mainly people consider Yoga as some physical exertions to become fit. Nothing can be far from truth than this.

200 hour ttc in rishikesh

For a specific question “What is Yoga?” – the Yoga School In India provides a pertinent answer that Yoga is not mere poses; it is not flexibility; it is not religion; but Yoga involves the body, mind and spirit. Yoga has excellent healing qualities of psychological, physiological and biochemical nature.

It further adds that from the ancient sculptures anyone can understand that Yogic techniques have been widely described by Pathanjali, some 2000 years back. From then on Yoga has been taught to students in an atmosphere of serene, tranquil and quite nature in the forests by Rishis (who spent their life in penance).

Yoga School in India

Following the footsteps of this Indian Yoga Teaching Methodology, Yoga School In India conducts regular courses on Yoga as a science, for global students. The Yoga Classes are conducted at Rishikesh, which is located at the foothills of Himalayan Mountain with its high peaks and snow-clad glaciers.

Yoga in its original and traditional form, as preached by ancient saints is taught to the interested students at Yoga School In India. The students are provided with opportunities to learn Yogic Techniques, directly from exponent Yoga Masters in each and every branch of Yoga science, such as Atma Yoga; Hatha Yoga; Kiriya Yoga; Kundalini Yoga; Pathanjali Yoga Sastra and spiritual Meditation.

Yoga Teacher Training Classes are also conducted for specific durations of 200 hours and 300 hours for awarding globally-recognized Yoga Alliance, U.S.A. Certificates. After successful training, these students become Yoga Masters and can start their own Yoga Schools. For complete details of Yoga Classes interested students can visit .

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