Ayurvedic or Raw Food Diet: Which is Better?

When we discuss about the ideal dirt of a human being, a very common question comes to our mind as , which is Better- Ayurvedic or Raw Food Diet?

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  • From the view point of Ayurveda, we need to first judge the type of food which we are consuming depending on the digestive capacity and our body metabolism. Raw food are generally dry, cold and rough which makes it difficult for Our digestive system to consume the food leading to poor process of food absorption and health issues. Ayurvedic system suggests cooked food for our system of digestion or in other words Agni as this makes the process of consumption and nutrition extraction easy for our body.
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  • In Ayurveda world an optimal diet is one which is prepared keeping in mind individual digestive power, overall body constitution, age, season, climate as well as specific body symptoms if any. If in case a person is having a strong digestive power then going for a  raw food diet will not hamper the consumption process and he can enjoy a healthy life being on raw food diet. We can very well say that for which individual which food diet will be best depends on the complete metabolism power of the body. Good foods are available both in Ayurveda and raw food categories
  • Both Ayurvedic food and Raw food contains good and bad feature. It will be better to say that a combination of 80/ 20 ratio of Ayurvedic and Raw food will give a good balanced diet to any native subject to the structure of body metabolism.

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