Yoga a free therapy for all diseases – How?

If you analyze what is a disease or ailment, you will understand that it is a suffering or difficulty, felt by the body. The basic reason for illnesses and sufferings is your mind, which fails to compel you to adhere to only healthy food, lifestyle and activities on a daily basis.

It follows therefore that if you control your mind and physical activities in a disciplined way, you can avoid all sorts of illnesses, diseases and troubles. That disciplined way of life is otherwise known as Yogic Life – as guided by the eminent Yoga Masters of Yoga School of India ( You get further explanation as how Yoga can be a free therapy for all diseases, from this universally-recognized Yoga School.

Xertified Yoga School in Rishikesh

Medical fraternity is of the unanimous opinion that prevention is better than cure. Following this practical advice, if you undertake Yoga Lifestyle after learning the Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Asanas, Pranayama that is controlling your breath, Meditation and other branches of authentic Yoga Science, you will be able to control your body by Yogic Exercises, mind by Meditation and Spirit by realizing your “inner-self” living in the bliss of mental peace and harmony.

Yoga as a therapy can stabilize your total health, energizing the body with smooth blood circulation, secretion of vital hormones and strengthening your Immune System. By Yoga Practice undertaken daily, you can keep off from diabetes; high blood pressure; heart diseases; arthritis; back pain; Asthma; Headache; sinusitis and hay fever, endocrine diseases, digestive disorders, ulcer, colitis and constipation and so on.

Best part is Yoga cures all the above diseases Free of Cost – just learn more by clicking

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