Yoga School In India Explains the Factors Behind!

The word “Yoga” has become immensely popular all over the world. Today’s hectic lifestyle of the people, running behind the clock like machines, and the monotonous life-cycles with stress, tension and high blood-pressure is the primary reason behind the popularity of the remedy offered with guarantee by Yogic Lifestyle. Equally popular is the name India, as the place of origin of this ancient science. Rishikesh in India is regarded as the “World Capital of Yoga”.

rishikesh world capital

“The Yoga School in India” has announced its schedule for the upcoming 200 hour Teachers’ Training in Rishikesh.

The announcement goes on to illustrate that for being called as the World capital of any art, there are quintessential factors to support the claim. As regards Yoga Science is concerned, it is unquestionably accepted by world scholars, as the Art of Living Life with health, prosperity and happiness. Yoga as an art needs to be learnt from genuine and authentic Yoga Masters directly.


In India historical evidences go to show that ancient students of Yoga Art learnt it, by going as disciples of saints and scholars (Rishis as they are called in India). They lived a life of devotion to their Gurus (Masters) along with them, in secluded places like hills and forests in a serene, fertile atmosphere or river-banks. After years of learning, they embarked on their Yogic Life, enjoyed the bliss of Yoga and passed on the education of Yoga Art to next generations.

Now with changed lifestyles after centuries, people have migrated to towns and Metropolitans and distraught by the enormous disturbances caused by outside and environmental pollutions. These places have eventually lost the tranquility, much needed for learning and practicing Yoga.

Registered Yoga School India

It follows therefore that for learning and practicing Yoga Art, it is essential that the Yoga students need a serene, tranquil and peaceful location; excellent Yoga Teachers well-versed in all the branches and divisions of Yoga Science; learning the Yoga Art by self-practice on a daily basis, with all its nuances and intricacies; in-depth study of Yoga Philosophy, physiology and anatomy of human body, breathe-control practices to purify the body’s metabolic system etc.

Rishikesh, is located on the banks of the River Ganga at foothills of Himalayan Mountain Range. The Yoga School in India is situated in Rishikesh and is ideal for learning, practicing and attaining Mastery in Yoga.

For full details visit http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/

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