5 Words Every Yogi Should Know Importantly!

The awareness is gaining momentum about Yogic Exercises (Yogasanas) and the magical results of good health, clear mind, reduction of stress and tension and the bliss of happiness arising out of this Yogic Lifestyle. The popular and Recognized Yoga School In India located at Rishikesh (http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/) is engaged in the service of Yoga Teaching to global population.

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Their experts have commented about the 5 important words relating to Yoga Practitioners (Yogis) that each Yogi should be aware of. Yoga is an ancient Science born and spread from India. The basic principles of Yoga are described in Sanskrit language by Patanjali, centuries back. While learning and practicing Yoga, even though the student is not conversant with all the Sanskrit words connected with their Yoga subjects, the following 5 words are “must” for observing the meaning of Yoga Practice in full, and use it in their daily life for their own benefits:

  1. Yoga: This Sanskrit word means “yoke” that is union. In Yoga Practice, the Yogi tries to connect body, mind and spirit together. By uniting all the three towards the main focus of well-being and happy life, the ultimate objective is achieved.
  2. Namaste: When people meet, they greet each other. Namaste in Sanskrit means “the divine light within me salutes the divine light within you”. Can there be a better greeting?
  3. Om: According to Yoga Philosophy, “Om” is the sound of universe, made up of air, fire, water, sky and earth. We are part of this universe and by chanting this mantra with devotion we tap the vibration and connection with the universe.
  4. Asana:  Different postures of the body during Yoga Practice. By flexing the muscles of the body in an organized way, one can keep it trim and fit.
  5. Prana: The Cosmic energy within us. By controlling the breath through Pranayama, the Yogi makes full use of this energy to the ultimate Goal. You can get more fuller details at http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/ .

Yoga a free therapy for all diseases – How?

If you analyze what is a disease or ailment, you will understand that it is a suffering or difficulty, felt by the body. The basic reason for illnesses and sufferings is your mind, which fails to compel you to adhere to only healthy food, lifestyle and activities on a daily basis.

It follows therefore that if you control your mind and physical activities in a disciplined way, you can avoid all sorts of illnesses, diseases and troubles. That disciplined way of life is otherwise known as Yogic Life – as guided by the eminent Yoga Masters of Yoga School of India (http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/). You get further explanation as how Yoga can be a free therapy for all diseases, from this universally-recognized Yoga School.

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Medical fraternity is of the unanimous opinion that prevention is better than cure. Following this practical advice, if you undertake Yoga Lifestyle after learning the Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Asanas, Pranayama that is controlling your breath, Meditation and other branches of authentic Yoga Science, you will be able to control your body by Yogic Exercises, mind by Meditation and Spirit by realizing your “inner-self” living in the bliss of mental peace and harmony.

Yoga as a therapy can stabilize your total health, energizing the body with smooth blood circulation, secretion of vital hormones and strengthening your Immune System. By Yoga Practice undertaken daily, you can keep off from diabetes; high blood pressure; heart diseases; arthritis; back pain; Asthma; Headache; sinusitis and hay fever, endocrine diseases, digestive disorders, ulcer, colitis and constipation and so on.

Best part is Yoga cures all the above diseases Free of Cost – just learn more by clicking http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/

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Yoga A Need For Healthy Living – Is It True?

First of all what is Health? Your body, mind and spirit – all the three should be devoid of diseases, impurities and difficulties. Diseases affect body; impurities like worries and anxieties make your mind lose its equilibrium and difficulties like mental stress, tension and restlessness douse your spirit totally. How daily practice of Yoga can help you keep all the above three factors healthy? The prominent Yoga School In India (http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/) provides answers to this pertinent question.

Rather than merely studying about Yoga in books, you should practice Yogic style of life, after learning the Yogic Techniques direct from the Masters. After completing the prescribed period of learning, you will realize factually how Yoga as a Science transforms you magically into a different person altogether – with rejuvenated body, calm and cool mind and highly escalated spirit, by the united activities of Yogic lifestyle, Yoga Asanas, Pranayama (controlling your breath) Yogic food, and living in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

At Yoga School In India at Rishikesh, located at the foothills of Himalayan Mountains, you can learn Yoga Philosophy from its basic roots. Learn Yoga Asanas and Pranayama; practice them for specified hours, eat Vegetarian food; breathe fresh air and drink purest water. All these put together augment your body’s health, by improved blood circulation; stimulating your immune system; drive away symptoms of diseases by controlling breath and inhaling fresh air etc. By regular Yoga Practice you get purified body, mind and spirit and thus achieve total Health.

You will then accept – yes – Yoga is immense need for healthy living and thank http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/ .

Any One Can Practice Yoga Any Place Any Time!

Yoga is an Art of Living life with peace, harmony, health and awakened spirit. The predominant plus point about Yoga Practice in one’s life is, it is easy to practice Yoga on a daily basis; as a life-style; as a strategy for healthy body, mind and spirit. You can practice Yogic Exercises any time convenient to you; any place where you feel comfortable; and enjoy the bliss of happiness welling inside you – as explained by the Masters of Yoga from Yoga School In India, (http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/),  unquestionably the ultimate destination for learning Yoga Practices from elementary levels.

Yoga School in India

Simplicity is the plus-point of Yogic Exercises; it is the minus-point of it as well. When you wholeheartedly wish to learn Yoga Science, and practice the same for the betterment of your life, Yogic Lifestyle transforms you as totally a new person altogether. You will be amazed how simple it is for you, to practice Yoga in your daily life and how you reap enormous benefits, arising out of a disciplined Yogic life.

pic1The benefits are countless throughout your life by Yoga Practice. To name a few, your body gets purified, strengthened against infections, devoid of diseases and disorders like high B.P., Sugar, Arthritis and so on; your mind avoids impurities like worries, stress, tension and restlessness; and your spirit realizes the values of life and thus enjoys eternal happiness.

The simplicity of Yoga Practice makes many people ignorant of its usefulness in life and to take it very lightly. You can learn a lot about Yoga Practice, its pros and cons, benefits and advantages by clicking http://www.yogaschoolinindia.com/

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