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A peaceful life is everyone’s desire. Everyone searches for the ways to find the ultimate world where they can find the permanent peace and bliss. In the midst of this rush, people often forget the simple fact that the way to bring peace in life is through finding inner peace. When it comes to inner peace then nothing can prove to be better than Yoga. Yoga is the only path for salvation of inner peace and content. Yoga school in India brings the opportunity for you to understand the manifold levels of yoga. This is the destination, which can be your ultimate solution in life.


Holy destination of Rishikesh to boost the effectiveness of learning Yoga

There are various reasons for which Yoga school India is considered the best. The first fact of its specialty is that it is located in the capital yoga city of the world Rishikesh. This city is said to be the gateway to Himalayas. The serenity of this place cannot be compared with any aspect of the world. The pious Ganga River flows through the Himalayas, which gives this place an unprecedented serenity and purity. This is the place where thousands of saints and sages had come for the salvation of ultimate truth and nirvana. In such holy place, you too can learn the various aspects of yoga with Yoga school in India.

Learn yoga under experts guidance

The training courses of yoga school in India are huge. You will surely love to explore these multifarious stages of yoga from here. The importance of yoga can never be understood in normal life unless you are guided by the expert gurus and teachers. This place gives you the chance to understand the complete knowledge of yoga because here the courses are divided in various groups. The experienced teachers over here teach the students the right method of yoga. The yoga courses are divided into various groups and in higher classes such as master yoga classes; you will get the teachings from master yogis.

Unite mind, body and soul

Come at once to yoga school in India because this is the options which you will never want to lose. Here you will get the perfect ambience and teachings, which will guide you to the way of ultimate truth and bliss. For your admission and queries, you can contact from online services. You can easily get admitted over here by using the online facilities. You should not delay anymore. Visit here to unite your mind body and soul.

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Know the features to be checked before joining a Yoga training Course!!

All the training need a special environment. This environment is the ideal support for the entire training. Until this environment is matched, you will not be able to get maximum result from the course. For training of specific courses like yoga, special environment is essential. Here are some of the features that you must check in the yoga classes.

asthanga yoga rishikesh

  • Check the location of the training center as the first preference. It is the influencing factor of the course. The silence of the location is going to add some extra value to the area. Ensure that silence in the training venue, since in Yoga peace of mind is the foremost thing to be maintained.
  • The training session and the arrangement of the rooms and seats are the second thing to be noticed. You can get the final checklist from the training camps, where the management for individuals will be categorized. The best venue will be that one, where trainee will be given separate rooms to stay and practice their Yoga, meditation and poses.
  • Big teaching room is the next requirement. The number of students that will be accommodated in the area and the total surface area must come in some ratio, otherwise the freedom that a student must get will not be there.
  • The fourth thing to be checked in a Yogic class is the food that is delivered for the trainees. It is important that the food has all the satvik qualities in them. While practicing yoga, you are generating an aura of energy around yourself. If the food that you consume is Rajsvik or Tamsvik, then there can be some negative effect on your health and of course on the lesion.
  • Proper trainer, having expertise in the field is going to assist you in the training program. If you are a simple learner, judging the trainer will be a tough task or you. There are several yoga classes, where the yoga trained are groomed, so that they can provide training. There you need two things, one is the trainer and the second one is the certificate. So ensure that you are getting both of them to get the details.

India is the best destination of yoga. In fact, it is the source of the learning. So, stop getting to other locations and reach here to find the ideal training that you need. Different destinations and experts are all here to assist you in the best way. So, make yourself prepared with their assistance.


Yoga School In India Explains the Factors Behind!

The word “Yoga” has become immensely popular all over the world. Today’s hectic lifestyle of the people, running behind the clock like machines, and the monotonous life-cycles with stress, tension and high blood-pressure is the primary reason behind the popularity of the remedy offered with guarantee by Yogic Lifestyle. Equally popular is the name India, as the place of origin of this ancient science. Rishikesh in India is regarded as the “World Capital of Yoga”.

rishikesh world capital

“The Yoga School in India” has announced its schedule for the upcoming 200 hour Teachers’ Training in Rishikesh.

The announcement goes on to illustrate that for being called as the World capital of any art, there are quintessential factors to support the claim. As regards Yoga Science is concerned, it is unquestionably accepted by world scholars, as the Art of Living Life with health, prosperity and happiness. Yoga as an art needs to be learnt from genuine and authentic Yoga Masters directly.


In India historical evidences go to show that ancient students of Yoga Art learnt it, by going as disciples of saints and scholars (Rishis as they are called in India). They lived a life of devotion to their Gurus (Masters) along with them, in secluded places like hills and forests in a serene, fertile atmosphere or river-banks. After years of learning, they embarked on their Yogic Life, enjoyed the bliss of Yoga and passed on the education of Yoga Art to next generations.

Now with changed lifestyles after centuries, people have migrated to towns and Metropolitans and distraught by the enormous disturbances caused by outside and environmental pollutions. These places have eventually lost the tranquility, much needed for learning and practicing Yoga.

Registered Yoga School India

It follows therefore that for learning and practicing Yoga Art, it is essential that the Yoga students need a serene, tranquil and peaceful location; excellent Yoga Teachers well-versed in all the branches and divisions of Yoga Science; learning the Yoga Art by self-practice on a daily basis, with all its nuances and intricacies; in-depth study of Yoga Philosophy, physiology and anatomy of human body, breathe-control practices to purify the body’s metabolic system etc.

Rishikesh, is located on the banks of the River Ganga at foothills of Himalayan Mountain Range. The Yoga School in India is situated in Rishikesh and is ideal for learning, practicing and attaining Mastery in Yoga.

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Yoga Training At Yoga School in India Makes You Find the True Wisdom of Life !!

Yoga School in India, one of the most renowned and authentic yoga training centers in Rishikesh has come up with all the essential attributes to help people obtain the best and most effective yoga lesson. It helps people to better understand their body by knowing the yogic science, which helps to develop confidence. Aspiring yogis learn theoretical and practical knowledge on yogic science to gain a harmonic and balanced life.

From the very ancient times of existence of the famous ‘Arya Samaj’, yoga has been one of the prime modes to stay healthy and to explore the inner self in southern part of Asia. Several myths say that yoga comes from Hinduism and the way to prosperity towards life is Christian. But this very concept is wrong. According to yogic gurus, yoga is a technique, an exercise, which can be practiced by anyone following proper skill. Yoga has been associated with Hinduism, as people of this culture has accepted the fruitfulness and practicing it since ancient times. Yoga not only is a pass to stay healthy, but it also helps people to produce a better body image, where they can be satisfied with inner self. Rishikesh, the yoga capital of India, is the city from the state of Uttarakhand, where a significant numbers of yoga practicing centres are giving yoga lessons since ages. Huge number of foreign citizens come to Rishikesh every year to learn yoga techniques from well-known yoga gurus.


In rishikesh, Yoga School in India( provides natural and perfect environment for practicing, such as bamboo cottages dressed with wooden floor and furniture, comfortable yoga mattress. In addition, nature perfectly sculpts the hill city Rishikesh weather all around the year. Yoga academy like Yoga School in India provides favourable amenities like free wi-fi, hot shower and most importantly hygienic atmosphere. Offered food prepared with knowledge of yogic science containing natural herbs and Ayurveda ingredients helps the person to get the most of it.

Several forms of yoga are being taught in this academy at Rishikesh, such as- Hatha yoga, Ananta yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasha yoga etc. Besides the yoga exercises, people get to learn yogic science, toga philosophies, power and methods of mantra chanting. Meditation is also one of the prime key points in this whole course, where gurus help people to concentrate to one point and to explore the soul and to find the meaning of life. It helps to concentrate and to set the goal easily and most importantly to stick to the goal by avoiding all the distractions.

Yoga School in India(  provides best yoga lessons as the training centres are braced with well-known traditional yoga gurus, both Indian and foreign nationals, who are knowledgeable, dedicated towards helping people to find wisdom. Yoga School in India helps people with yoga training at Rishikesh to gain flexible and healthy body with glowing skin, healthy heart and joyful mind.

Yoga School in India is one of the most famous certified Yoga school situated in Ram jhula Rishikesh (India). Yoga School in India is a professional and dedicated team of Indian yogis who believe that Yoga is meant to bring peace and light to our today’s life. for more information about our school and schedule of the 200 hour yoga teacher training program.


Yoga School In India Announces Comprehensive Yoga Teachers Program At Rishikesh!

Yoga, an Art of Living in Happiness with sound physique is perpetually practiced and propagated all over the world by Yoga lovers. Experiencing the bliss of practicing Yoga on a daily basis, the awareness about Yoga Science is spreading fast. With the result, the demand for knowledgeable, fully trained and genuine Yoga Teachers is increasing every day. Here is a chance for becoming a certified and accredited Yoga Teacher (approved by the world-renowned Yoga Alliance, U.S.A.) by joining the comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Program offered by Yoga School in India, at the foot of the great Himalayan Mountains at Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, Indiayoga-school-india

The announcement released today from Yoga School in India ( ) informs that fresh classes for aspiring students will commence now, as per their schedule. National and International students can avail this formidable opportunity to learn Yoga Science from basics, and acquire mastery of the Teaching of Yogic activities to others, based on the intensive training they get, imparted by exponent experts in Hatha Yoga; Asthanga Yoga; Kriya Yoga; Kundalini Yoga; and Vinyasa Yoga.

As for the venue of the Yoga Teacher Training, the classes are conducted on the banks of sacred River Ganga, in a serene and spiritual atmosphere of Himalayan Mountains at Rishikesh, popularly known as the Yoga Capital, the world over.

At the end of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, conducted according to the prescribed syllabus of Yoga Alliance, U.S.A., the students will be awarded with a professional certificate, recognized all over the world for Yoga Teaching.

The announcement indicates the 200 Hour TTC will be based broadly on the following 5 principles namely – dedicated hours of teaching on practical Yogic techniques and Yogic disciplines, to understand the basics of Yoga Science and practicing Yoga Asanas and Breathing Techniques (Pranayama); the second stage is to learn Teaching Methodology of Yoga and effective presentation and conducting Yoga Classes; the third aspect is gaining knowledge about the anatomy of the human body and physiology, and measures of controlling the body; the fourth aspect is understanding the Yogic Philosophy in detail, with the help of Patanjali Yoga Sutras; and the final stage is translating the Yogic knowledge gained into action.


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh-India

In highlighting the salient features of the Yoga Teacher Training Program, the announcement informs the student will get in-depth knowledge of Yoga Philosophy; daily classes for Yoga Practice; Meditation Techniques; Yoga cleaning rituals; and living a pure and simple life throughout the Training period with vegetarian, healthy Yogic food. On the entertainment side, the students will enjoy white water rafting on week-ends; trekking on to Himalayan Yogi Cave; excursion to Kunajapuri temple and also 1 Ayurvedic massage to their body.


About Yoga School in India: Located at Rishikesh,Yoga School in India offers multiple Yoga Teacher Training Courses of 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours duration. The objective of the Yoga Teacher Training is to focus on an innovative fusion of Traditional Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Karma Yoga with an extensive base for understanding and instructing Yoga under its various forms.

Interested aspirants are welcome to contact to ascertain full details of the Yoga Teacher Training Program Schedules and other information.